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  1. Komodo Edit icon

    Komodo Edit is a fast, smart, free and open-source code editor. Switching your trusty code editor is hard, but give Komodo Edit (or its big brother Komodo IDE) a try: it'll be worth your while.

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  2. Portia icon

    Portia is an open source visual scraping tool, allows you to scrape websites without any programming knowledge required! Simply annotate pages you're interested in, and Portia will create a spider to extract data from similar pages.

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  3. icon is a web-based platform that puts the power of the machine readable web in your hands. Using our tools you can create an API or crawl an entire website in a fraction of the time of traditional methods, no coding required.

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  4. ParseHub icon

    ParseHub is a web scraping tool built to handle the modern web.

    You can extract data from anywhere. ParseHub works with single-page apps, multi-page apps and just about any other modern web technology.

    ParseHub can handle Javascript, AJAX, cookies, sessions and redirects. You c.

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    ParseHub scraping Airbnb
  5. Extracty icon

    Extracty can extract any web data and create an API to the webpage's information.

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  6. TheWebMiner icon

    TheWebMiner is a smart way to research internet to find leads or to make a market research. You can find websites after you add any needed filter.

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  7. Octoparse icon

    Octoparse is a modern visual web data extraction software. Both experienced and inexperienced users would find it easy to use Octoparse to bulk extract information from websites, for most of scraping tasks no coding needed.

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  8. Aggregatus icon

    Aggregatus is a service that helps you to aggregate information of the same meaning but from the different websites and make it searchable, filterable and sortable as if it all was from the one website.

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