Most trusted softwares

Ever wonder if what you see on the net is really ok or do you find something odd about it? Well wonder no more because these softwares help you look into what you would normaly never know.

  • BlueStacks

    Freemium Mac Windows Website

    An easy to use emulator that allows you to run Android Nougat apps on your Mac or Windows computer.


    BlueStacks icon
  • Tails

    Free Linux Electrum Tor Browser Bundle GNOME Tor ... VeraCrypt Thunderbird Website

    Tails is a Debian based live CD/USB with the goal of providing complete Internet anonymity for the user.


    Tails icon
  • 7capture

    Free Windows Website

    7capture is free screen capture software for Windows 7, Vista and XP.
    7capture automatically handles complicated transparency problems such as rounded corners and Aero semi-transparent windows backgrounds.

    No matter what Windows version you are using, 7capture will do it's magic: clean rounded corners on Windows XP, alpha transparency in Windows Vista and Windows 7. 7capture will even capture your themes color for even better looking screenshots. Unattractive screenshots are part of history.


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  • GetHuman

    Free Web Android iPhone Website

    The fastest way to get customer service by phone, chat, email, or even by having the company call you back. GetHuman has millions of tricks and shortcuts to make sure you get help better and more quickly than ever before.


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  • WhatRuns

    Free Web Chrome Firefox Website

    WhatRuns offers browser extensions that give you information on the technology being used on websites you visit. WhatRuns uses a proprietary recognition algorithm to detect even the latest web technologies and plugins.


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  • Should I Answer?

    Commercial Android iPhone Website

    Should I Answer is free mobile security application protecting you against unsolicited, expensive, unwanted or unknown calls.


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  • TV Tropes

    Free Web Website

    TV Tropes is a wiki that collects and expands descriptions and examples on various conventions and devices (tropes) found within creative works.


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  • Exodus Privacy

    Free Web Android Android Tablet Website

    Exodus Privacy lets you know what trackers are embedded in apps installed on your smartphone. It lets you also know the permissions required by any apps on your smartphone. It helps you take your privacy back!

    The app can only detect apps installed from the Google Play store.


    Exodus Privacy icon

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