Connect remotely to your own dedicated Mac Virtual Machine in the Cloud - completely configured, ready to use, and you get full control as if the Mac was in your own room.

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      Honestly, the website looks old and "scary" at first - especially if you pay using Authorize dot net (the other one that's not PayPal) that he provided. But after the payment, everything was done through email - in English of course. He responds to everything within 24 hours in my experience, which is good considering time zone differences because it's Internet, and we may live worlds apart. The email you provided during payment process is his primary contact point - receipts, payment failed reminders, login info, etc. He listed his phone number on the website but haven't used that because international calls are expensive. The Mac he gave me was fast even at the lowest tier for my use case, which is running Xcode. The only thing limiting is your own internet speed and reliability. When my Internet is fast and reliable, it feels almost as if my computer was a Mac. There was some delay due to internet, but I didn't notice it very much. You connect to the VM via remote access software like TeamViewer. This speed is more than enough for me to code on it and sync files fast (not slow). Maybe try those software between your devices first. You'll get access to the web control panel which is where you Start and change screen resolutions of your VM. It, too, looks "not modern" just like the main website, but it gets the job done just like before. You can start or stop the VM as many times from there as you want. The VM requires 3 minutes to start. And don't leave the machine idle for too long (30 min. if I remember correctly) or it will get shut down automatically. There will be a prompt checking for your presence and a grace period before it gets shut down. This is not your 24/7 server. You'll also get root username and password of the Mac for full control. I can install everything I needed, even ordinary apps like Firefox browser. So if you don't want to fiddle with remote desktop software's file transfer system, just install cloud storage apps like OneDrive or Google Drive and sync it up. The Mac VM he set up is ready for me to use running the latest versions, though he won't "maintain" the VM for you (e.g. logging in while you're away and install software & system updates) - the Mac is yours. You have to ask him if you want to update macOS if I recall correctly. The service feels more manual and very "human"; probably because for most stuff I contact him via email which he writes himself, not just click some buttons on a website and wait for the automated process to complete. He doesn't sugar coat, he isn't rude, and he will cancel your subscription with no questions asked. Just make sure you've backed up the files just to be safe because he's going to delete it after he got your confirmation. I've paid using Authorize dot net option once and have to email him to cancel because the payment gateway doesn't provide a way to. I don't think you'll have a problem if you gave him some days of time to wake up from time zone differences and cancel it for you. If you've used that non-Paypal option and your card fails, you have to go there and subscribe again just like you're a new user because the payment gateway doesn't give me or him the option to retry. He just locks the machine from me and after I retried and the card went through he unlocks the VM for me to use again. Communication is key - you're essentially dealing with a real human who runs the service himself, not some soulless person in a call center who don't understand the service and can't understand your feeling. Don't be rude. Think of the human. And don't demand refunds - he said that he won't give it on the website which you should take time & read all of it to not miss any details. Overall, I find it a very great service if you want to use Xcode or do things that can only be done on Macs. I haven't tried any other competitors yet though, so I don't know if their offerings are better. Recommended for students who otherwise are going to buy new MacBooks to flex at others at the school. The savings can be used for other things. I've heard that they give free Wi-Fi at campuses nowadays.
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