WordSwing is an online tool for practicing languages and a data-driven system for optimizing and personalizing language study. It is a platform for learning how languages are learned.
We hope WordSwing will be a central component of your language-learning toolkit.

WordSwing provides you a rich suite of tools to explore the language and track your learning progress. There are many sources of frustration in learning a language. There are two frustrations that WordSwing tackles head-on: insufficient practice material and poor insight into progress.

WordSwing aims to deliver a nearly endless supply of practice material so that you never exhaust the depth and breadth of your learning. While a carefully designed linearly-sequenced textbook might be great for a course, often you need much more practice that can be offered in that format.
WordSwing helps you build a map of your language knowledge through a combination of tools that aid you track your progress and a data-driven, machine-learning backend that estimates what you know. As you use WordSwing, each action you take, whether it be looking up a word in the dictionary, requesting a pronunciation, completing an activity, is recorded and used to estimate how familiar you are with each word, phrase, and language pattern. This map enables you to track what you know and visualize your progress over time.

Often WordSwing is appropriate for individuals that know at least 500 characters (find out how many you know). Gradually, we'll be introducing more material appropriate for beginners, as this is the largest population of learners. So stay tuned!
The one exception is our Tone Course, which is targed at complete or near beginners. This course was produced in collaboration with Hacking Chinese.

A paid subscription includes:
– Full access to the text adventure games + audio only mode
– Access to all upcoming games and features


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