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    This as many will know is the type of software that promises to fix all those irritating gremlins that bog our computers down. There are countless versions of cleaning utilities that have swamped the global market and generally there are too many to choose from. A lot of folk suggest to steer clear from these products and unfairly label most of them as snake oil. Where in many cases this title is justified lest we remember the hard work of the few who take the time to write the software in the first place. Good day my name is Peter and I have worked with computers for over twenty years and believe me have constantly tested, enjoyed and hated a plethora of software over those years and continue to do so. I run my own Pc repair business in cape Town South Africa and am very particular about the testing process i employ when it comes to software. WinAso is not one of those snake oil products and I have happily been using it for five years or so with very little to complain about. I run the registry cleaner every day which keeps my laptop working smoothly. the only exception i have found is the registry defrag option which can sometimes cause minor problems on Windows 7 (x64) but works well on on the 32 bit operating systems I've tried it with. It is without doubt the most efficient utility optimizer software I have ever used although i do still manually edit the registry I wouldn't be without this one. I have affiliated my company with WinAso because I believe in the product. If you are looking to stabilize your PC i think you should really give this product a try.
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    over 1 year ago