It can turn your Windows 7 PC (when equipped with a WiFi card) into a WiFi router. Windows 7 has an option to create AdHoc networks but devices like phones and tablets will not be able to connect to this network. Using this tool you will be able to create a WiFi hotspot which can be accessed using any WiFi enabled devices.



Supported Platforms 1 note on Virtual Wifi Router Version 2's platform support


Platform comments

  • Windows β€œOnly Windows 7, may require .net framework 3.5 (easily available for download)”

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I have had issues with both Connectify and "Virtual Router". Connectify caused some issue while booting up or something and Virtual Router just started crashing for me. This one works fine...

See why people like Virtual Wifi Router Version 2 😍

I tried to install with the installation program and it installed the Babylon tool bar in my browser even though I told it not to and even after I tried to stop the installation prior to it...

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