Valentina Reports is a rare cross-platform C++ implementation of the powerful report tools including:
1) Visual Report Designer included into Valentina Studio Pro ($199).
2) Valentina Report Server
3) Valentina Report ADKs, to embed the report engine into your Desktop or Web applications, using such languages as C/C++/ObjC/C#/NET/PHP/Java/Xojo/VB/COM/...

Your application can have
1) a totally embedded report engine
2) a client to remote Valentina Server, which manages reports for multi-user job.
3) both of that at the same time.

Valentina Reports can use as data source: SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Valentina DB, ODBC, MS SQL Server.

Notice that Valentina Server is 3 big products in 1:
* Report Server
* Valentina DB Server
* SQLite DB Server.

This means that you can in few mouse clicks move your SQLite db under Valentina Server, start to use it in a multi-user way and produce enterprise-level reports.


Free with limited functionality

Pricing Information

One time purchase (perpetual license)

Supported Platforms

Mac Windows Linux Raspberry Pi

Links to official Valentina Reports sites

Official Website    Facebook    Twitter


Cross-platform Embeddable Java Php Report server Reporting REST API Ruby Add a feature




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