Valentina Reports is a rare cross-platform C++ implementation of the powerful report tools including:
1) Visual Report Designer included into Valentina Studio Pro ($199).
2) Valentina Report Server
3) Valentina Report ADKs, to embed the report engine into your Desktop or Web applications, using such languages as C/C++/ObjC/C#/NET/PHP/Java/Xojo/VB/COM/...

Your application can have
1) a totally embedded report engine
2) a client to remote Valentina Server, which manages reports for multi-user job.
3) both of that at the same time.

Valentina Reports can use as data source: SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Valentina DB, ODBC, MS SQL Server.

Notice that Valentina Server is 3 big products in 1:
* Report Server
* Valentina DB Server
* SQLite DB Server.

This means that you can in few mouse clicks move your SQLite db under Valentina Server, start to use it in a multi-user way and produce enterprise-level reports.


Free with limited functionality

Supported Platforms

Mac Windows Linux Raspberry Pi

Links to official Valentina Reports sites

Official Website    Facebook    Twitter


Embeddable Report server REST API Add a feature




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