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Very disappointing ... near enough useless

Comment by bawldiggle
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If you want to hide default items on WinExplorer CM this app does not display any of the SendTo items
Items listed on default New (sub menu) ... are not listed either ... so existing bloat items cannot be hidden/removed

  • unfortunately my Win-7 HP x86 Toshiba is broken, but I remember for years I struggled to find any CM-Tool to hide "bloat" items on "New" sub-menu
  • the only way I could find to hide bloat items was with REG files (ie, Registry tweaks, provided by ... tutorials)
    The only CM-items this app does list (on my PC) is a third party app (FileSearchEX), that I installed and edited the caption

If you are looking for an existing Windows feature to add to File/Folders Context Menu, this app might help

  • UWCMC might be OK for adding commands to CMs but I want it for more than that
  • I will keep it mind if I want to add commands to CMs
  • for my needs it is too weak, I want to hide/remove factory installed Windows-features

Like so many situations we often need more than one tool to cook an egg

Tested on Win-7 PRO x64

  • Win-7 HP x86 "New" sub-menu it totally different to PRO x64

The "new" shell submenu is more like a list of file templates installed in the system than normal menu options, but I agree it does fall under the scope of these utilities so they might as well support it. The problem is a "new" file type manager would need to support custom icons, so it would depend on a class of program installed, as well as actual template files, so you see what I mean that it is not just commands or shortcuts to run. I do agree a complete solution should cover that too. I think I've seen something like that at NirSoft. I might be wrong - my memory's not what it used to be.