Torrentz is a torrent meta search engine that indexes torrents from many different torrent sites.


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      This site is awful. It's mind boggling that Torrentz is rated above BTJunkie which, after isoHunt got into legal trouble, became faaaaaaaar and away the best torrent search on the net. In fact, I'm surprised Torrentz has any votes at all. Seriously, the search results are so poor -- just off the top of my head I can think of a dozen mediocre torrent searches that produce much better results. Plus the site's ultra-low-grade appearance/layout make it look like one of those bogus websites you see in Google results for torrents, etc. that were thrown together in five minutes merely for the malicious purpose of luring in people unfamiliar with the Internet and filesharing and then infecting their computer with malware/viruses. In fact, for the longest time I thought Torrentz was one of those sites (and so did everyone else I know) and I flat out removed it from my Google search results altogether.
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