Toolwiz Time Freeze is an effective Instant System Restore software to keep your computer system safe and protect your computer from undesired changes. It can also protect your files and folders from changes with a secure password protection. It makes virtualization very easy to use. Basically, it clones your system, creating fully working copies that you can use normally (or abnormally) without risking your "real" system. It puts the actual system under secure protection and creates a virtual environment for system partition, on which you then run applications and surf the internet. It provides higher-level security to computer protection, and greatly improves the efficiency of virtual systems.

Toolwiz Time Freeze has a simple interface for starting and stopping its main features as well as adding files to the File Protection feature (Time Freeze warns not to include Windows system files). There's a small, optional "ToolBar" that merely displays the program's status on the desktop, but it's helpful if you switch between modes a lot. Most of the time, the program's system tray icon handles all the actions.



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This software is better than Deepfreeze for 2 main reasons: It's completely FREE I can add files and/or folders to exception to not work virtual! Tested with virtualbox and tons of viruses, works...

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Installed on recommendation Installs with zero fanfare and also ENABLES with zero fanfare. there is no warning that you can't make changes, so while installing my software and moving data to my C:...

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