TidyTabs brings tabbed browsing to all of your desktop applications.

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    • whynewarkwhynewark reviewed TidyTabs
      Man, oh man, I really did not want to have to write this review, but I feel like I've been cheated. TidyTabs is a great idea ruined by too many bugs. The developer is more than happy to answer questions before you buy it but, once he has your money, becomes non-responsive. The program hasn't been updated in almost a year, is riddled with bugs, and does a poor job of dealing with multiple displays and resolutions. Windows fly around, resize on their own, get grouped under other tabs, interferes with application dialogs (it absolutely destroys MS Word), and windows are randomly minimized or moved to other displays. There is no option for support, the "report a bug" feature merely opens up their FAQ. The only way to report is to send him an email, which is fine but, again, he ignores them. All of this would be tolerable if the dev was at least half-way responsive and tried to provide bug fixes. Three stars for the app but it gets knocked down to 1 star for the non-responsiveness after purchase. As of now, go with Groupy instead. That has bugs, too, but at least Stardock tries to fix them.
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      22 days ago
    • gintoki thinks Putty Tab Manager is an alternative to TidyTabs
      2 months ago
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      Guest doesn't think this post on TidyTabs is helpful
      Tested free portable version Very frustrating for first hour or so, trying to mount groups 60 minute (yes minutes) all-features trial with free edition ... is not long enough - even a 24 hour all features enabled trial would be more realistic - 60 minutes trial is a suspicious way to manipulate a BUY it - 90 day refund = pay and hope to get a refund, currency fluctuations can make the user the loser too. opted for white list grouping (setting) - simpler than blacklist (IMO) - browsers, PDF, Notepad++, office suites, come with tabbed convenience "Always on top" sabotages "TidyTabs" ... even with TidyTabs, I cannot operate without always on top - AoT must be disabled for the target file/doc -> minimized -> reactivated for the tab to appear. - changing transparency setting dumps grouping for AoT windows - "DeskPins" | https://efotinis.neocities.org/deskpins/index.html License keys for PRO version are sole responsibility of the user - developer does not provide a lost key/s service ... you lose it and you pay again Free edition is crippled from the start: - no tab renaming - groups limited to 3 tabs - so how does transferring the license to a new PC (when the old PC is dead) ... work ? saving an orphan doc in a group of orphans dumps all remaining orphans from the original group - the newly saved file loses all other tabs PROS: worth trialing the free version for several days/weeks, despite limitations orphans + existing files are all recognized by TidyTabs is worth a try, it might not suit everybody renaming tabs is a god send (only in PRO) $9 usd is a reasonable price (IMO) CONS: Always on top problem (my experience) is pest ... always on top is more important for me - constantly deferring to TaskBar to re-activate windows is a PITA Online help - index pages require opening a new webpage for every help item, dozens of browser tabs - impossible to save as a PDF with index list - categories list is not a tree list - a Wiki style index with articles all on the same webpage would be slicker terms and conditions are buried in the TidyTabs website, are a must-read - https://www.nurgo-software.com/company/eula/91-tidytabs 2 stars for free version
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      3 months ago