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    Tentlan is a free strategy real-time online game played in the times of the pre-Columbian Americas. Starting off with a small settlement in the rainforest, you will gather power and influence till you end up developing a great maya empire.

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    • GoatGuy reviewed Tentlan
      Tentlan is a borderline Grepolis clone, this goes so far even the premium menu feels like a rip-off of Grepolis's premium menu. I left the game after I got attacked by one player who had the strongest units in the game, despite me having a fairly big army, he killed all my units. He didn't lose even one unit. The chat and alliance forum system is honestly way too small and needs to be completely changed. Honestly, just avoid this game entirely, it tries to rip off Grepolis but manages to entirely fail at it.
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      3 months ago
    • GoatGuy thinks Travian is an alternative to Tentlan
      3 months ago
    • GoatGuy doesn't think Travian is an alternative to Tentlan
      3 months ago