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Open Source kind of confusing

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While the client itself is open source, there are a lot of parts of telegram that aren't. It is not possible to look through the whole process of one client writing another. I think to make that problem more clear telegram should actually be put in the category Free and not open source.

I'm questioning the "Open source" as well. Even the client isn't really "Open source" any more at least not the one they are using. The provide an open source code base on Github but you can tell by there releases and updates that they themselves are not using it in a very open manner.

Thanks for changing the label to Free, I think at least for now it fits way better than Open Source. Anyways we will see on their website they are claiming that eventually they want to make everything open source even though I doubt it.

they can't put their encription code open source, so exept this is opensource

Thanks for changing the tag to free, I think it has the correct labeling now.

ups, I didnt noticed it, Im new in this site and Im trying to understand it, so please be patient

From the Telegram FAQ:

Q: Why not open source everything?
All code will be released eventually. We started with the most useful parts — a well-documented API that allows developers to build new Telegram apps, and open source clients that can be verified by security specialists.

Well, nice that they want to do it at some point, but as for now, the security-critical parts are not open source. As long as that is the case, the tag should be free not open source.

I totally agree to Johannski. All code will be released eventually is wishy-washy.


Secure?! ... yeah,yeah of course it is just like Signal

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  • You must register with your phone number! -that's the real anonymity (!) , every phone number has an identifiable owner (in the EU must register your SIM)
  • Your messages stored in the cloud! -would not be bad if the first point were not there, a nice log how many times you contacted your partner.

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It's not open source

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Telegramm is not better than WhatsApp or similar apps.
Screw them for there only Phone number policy
-- user



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Excellent messenger for those who always want to be in touch .


Finally a secure alternative

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Great app, although a little confusing to start using at first. Was looking for a replacement to another messaging app that wasn't private enough (don't trust anything owned by Facebook anymore) and this one seemed quite popular and safe. End-to-end encryption, self-destruct timers and most importantly, their secret chats that cannot be accessed on the cloud are great.



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Telegram is not Open source please change this!

They havent realeased the Server code, they are on the same level of "open sourceness" as Twitter

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Much more advanced and innovative than WhatsApp. It's infrastructure allows it to use anywhere without having your mobile on or wasting your mobile data and battery.
There's a lot of possibilities for automation with Bots or IFTTT, and for collaboration allowing nice sized file uploads

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It is an useful app.


Great Open Source App

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All their clients are open source ( ), their protocol is open to check ( ) and they have security contests for specialists. 10 of 10.

Cannot understand why people still use Google, Whatsapp, Facebook and other stuff...

They are not open source


Better than other app

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This is the first app I know it's simply to use and secure, they are the only who never sold any information to the governement, so I like this app