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    Tableplop is an easy to learn, fun to use virtual tabletop for role playing games. It includes everything you need to play TTRPGs remote apart from audio chat and works great on mobiles and computers.

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      It‘s really easy to use. For me as a first time GM I tried out a few alternatives to Tableplop, they had features that were overkill or were not as intuitive to use as Tableplop. Almost all of my not so tech-savvy players got it right the first time. Even the veteran online pen & paper players loved all the features Tableplop has to offer. Yes, now and then it‘s a little buggy, but it‘s in development and what more can I wish for. So for every new and old player I totally recommend to give Tabletop a try. I did and was really surprised. I‘m going to stick with it and plan to use it every time when I‘m GMing online.
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      11 months ago