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This application is full of bugs. It's basically a half-baked application that is replacing HipChat in an attempt to compete with Slack. Our company was forced to upgrade to this from a production quality tool such as HipChat.

Basically the application's UI doesn't work that well, has disconnection issues and problems with lost messages. It's not a production quality application. The problem is that the company (Atlassian) is not listening to their customers and they're managing this project poorly. The top issue on their list of items to address is putting back the dark theme support (accessibility feature for operating systems with high-contrast enabled). This has been voted on more than any other issue they have, and they haven't committed a single resource to work on it or even look at it. The complaints and reviews on the issues are unbelievable.

I'm rarely the person to give such a bad review for a product, but this company deserves it based on their lack of attention to their customers.