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    The Windows 11 version of the Startisback replacement shell. This software allows you to make Windows 11 look like previous versions of Windows or a modified version of itself.

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    • gltchpnk added StartAllBack as alternative(s) to ExplorerPatcher
      11 days ago
    • ba
      barmunk commented on StartAllBack
      It fixes every problem I have with the new Windows 11 taskbar while keeping the improvements. Without this, I don't think I could stand using Windows 11 full-time.
      19 days ago
    • ba
      barmunk Upvoted a comment on StartAllBack
      StartAllBack is the main reason I can not just stand to use windows 11, but actually enjoy it. Combined with Winaero Tweaker, WPD and/or O&O shutup, and a dash of ThisIsWin11 and you have the recipe for a pretty nice Windows 11 experience overall.
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      29 days ago