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What is Solve - A colorful calculator?

Solve is a calculator like no other! Solve solves expressions as you type and features an innovative memory system to store and recall answers. Simply touch the answer to store it and touch the stored answer to use it in an expression. Solve has four tabs that select four different calculators each with its own color. Multiply numbers, calculate a tip and find a square root all without clearing your results! Plot graphs with a single touch! Solve plots 2D and 3D functions using the x, y and ? variables. When you use the x, y and ? variables in an equation the answer will say Touch to Plot. Touch this label to graph the equation. GRAPHING Plot functions using the x variable. For example, "y=sin(x)" is just entered as "sin(x)". • cos(x) • abs(x) • x^2+2x+6 POLAR GRAPHING Plot polar equations using the ? variable. For example, "r=2?" is just entered as "2?". • 2? • sin(2?) 3D GRAPHING Plot 3D functions by using the x and y variables. For example, "z=x+y" is just entered as "x+y". • cos(x)+sin(y) • x^2+y^2 PLOT MULTIPLE GRAPHS Graph multiple functions by separating each equation with a comma. • sin(x),cos(x) • x,x^2,x^3 TIME GRAPHING The T variable is used to create animated or time plots. • cos(x+T) • sin(x+T)*x • cos(x+T)+sin(y+T)

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