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      stemmediaproductions reviewed Snapmuse
      The site forces you to add payment details to start the free trial. Once you've done so you find yourself underwhelmed with both the variety and quality of the music available. In my trial period, I managed to find 1 song of acceptable quality. I then didn't use the service at all outside my trial period. The site then proceeded to take £57 out of my account. I managed to stop this from happening the first few times. I then went to the site to cancel my subscription to find it's basically impossible and the only contact detail available is an unresponsive email address. They then continued to try and take the money for a month before finally succeeding and now they're refusing to refund it even though I have not used their service. I understand that I play a role in this but beware of companies like this one. They're set up to make these situations happen so they can throw the T&C's in your face. They don't care about customer service. It's irrelevant to their business model. It's really not worth your time. AVOID
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      3 months ago
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