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    Professional 3D printing software streamlines the process of 3D printing, leading to better results. -The fastest slicer on the market -Customizable support structures -Support for dual extrusion and multi-part printing -Robust yet user-friendly

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      hellih commented on Simplify3D
      Once you've set up everything it works really well. Working with material and printer profiles is a bit awkward to me. Maybe I don't get the concept of this software how to manage material-profiles on various printers. I found some way to handle this, but it feels a little "wrong", or as I said "awkward", because it isn't very intuitive changing between various machines, their dedicated material profiles etc.. What gives me a bit headache, is that there's now almost 2 years without any bugfix or feature release, since the last version (4.1.2) was released in Apr. 2019. From what I've heard the company promised free updates and upgrade on V5 within 1 year, for those who purchased a license for v4.1.2. Now there's almost 2 years over, and nothing happened so far, and also no else information than "we're working & testing on it", which makes many users lose their trust in this company. The new release of v5 now really has to be "ambitious" as they recently announced in their forum (but again, NO release date). This makes the software a bit "behind" the others, since e.g. there's Cura with constantly releasing updates with improvements like advanced and experimental features like "tree supports" etc.. Also the new PrusaSlicer is out now, which works quite well and is also improved constantly.
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      about 1 year ago
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