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I found a way to get video comparison to work:

  1. install SI (SimilarImages) with FFThumb checked it (or if you've already installed it, check if you have ffthumb.dll in the app directory)
  2. Enter application directory, duplicate core.dll file and rename duplicate to core-generic.dll - the next steps make app request that file name
  3. Set compatibility mode to Windows XP SP2 (I didn't try others, so you may want to check newer systems)
  4. Run the tool, remember to check in preferences video file types

In fact it checks 4 thumbs made from video against other files, so it will help with same videos/different resolutions/quality, but not with files which e.g. are missing 10 seconds at the start, because then thumbs will be different. I have to check yet if thumbs are generated by percentage, frame or timestamp. If it would be percentage/timestamp then frame rate wouldn't matter.

Also great app. Discontinued, but still usable and the best I know. 11/10!