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Seemingly, a one man hobby project. And I don't know the man. Don't trust this.

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So you're looking for a privacy-oriented, encrypted email service? Great. Go for:

... depending on your level of familiarity with encryption. If in doubt, go for Protonmail or Tutanota. Unless you need a calendar. Then go with Mailbox.org. Although... Tutanota promise an encrypted calendar in the first half of 2017... and Protonmail have a calendar (of what kind) as "Planned". Up to you.

Don't go for SCRYPTMAIL because:

  1. It's run by one guy. Irrespective of how trustworthy, knowledgable and productive he is, one guy is unable to provide server security for a whole email provider. That requires too much expertise and manpower. For years he's the only person that has been listed as "The team". Enough said.
  2. Not well established enough. Who is the guy, Sergei Krutov, that's running it? He's either a superhuman network defender, encryption-software writer, or a guy who's failed to get a business going in years of trying. I don't know which it is, but I'll have to before I put my private data in his hands.
  3. The website says "continuous development". And the last entry was in 2014. You'll also notice that each entry mentions Sergei specifically. And only him.

All of this tells you: it's a one man show, probably a hobby project set up by a guy who wishes to compete with the services I mentioned above (and some others). That's great, but I don't know him, and chances are you don't either, I don't know where he's been or how good/trustworthy Sergei is. The code isn't open source, so I can't have a look myself to see what he's done, he's a one man "team", he doesn't stand a chance against determined adversaries and he's stopped updating a long time ago. Put your private data there? Sure, and put your left tit in the wringer.