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Reddit is open source, change that please

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Here the GitHub repo wiki


Not what it used to be...

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Reddit has problems when it first started we all know this but now there are still more problems. It seems nothing is wrong but thats what they want people to think. Under all those happy upvotes there is another dark downvote speaking the truth, you don't get a voice, either follow the popular trend or get downvote to where you are not allowed to comment any longer. The adams have no power or don't care about fixing certain things in reddit, they now only care about the money.

Things you will notice:

  • Your comment will not appear because you are new
  • Downvotes for hate
  • Too many downvotes will make your post delay 24 hours or more.
  • Mods who created the thread only have power to remove people or threads, they can't do anything else.
  • Hate on anything will give you downvote, no one likes the truth in that site.

I highly don't recommend visiting this site for anything, you won't find anything useful and if you do you'll just find yourself hating on people for no reason.

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Reddit is hands down the BEST community on the internet. 10/10


Front Page of the Internet

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As of 7/7/2017 its the number 7th most popular website in the world according to alexa rating

If you don't know what reddit is, this is brief summary

  • There's the front page. Its got lots of interesting things most people look at (news, cat pictures, askreddit threads, ama, etc)
  • There's subreddits. These are individual communities tailored toward specific interests (a specific video gaming, Donald trump politics, science communities , etc)

There's lots of growing topics here and some of the best discussions are found on reddit. You can find pretty much anything here. I would highly suggest a sampling of multihub subreddits here to get started on what subreddits might interest you


kinda sucks

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came looking for an alternative to reddit because reddit's user interface is ugly (online; the apps can be quite nice) ...but unfortunately voat is the exact same thing as reddit the only difference is that there are no moderators.



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When Digg it was kind of cool and got ruined by investors that removed the top 700 users to be able to push their own stories more effectively.
At that time the kids with absolutely no friends discovered reddit and liked the puristic look.
Reddit grew and even was able to shake of some of the control Condé Nast has and become the number one in aggregating links. Hooray.
But just like every system the ideals and rules fail at some point in time. So Reddit got more and more users, reposts became daily and even though the content got more and more mainstream (by deleting subs such as jailbait etc.) the number of users was still increasing. Everybody can create a sub and discuss anything. And that "anything" led to the most absurd and even illegal subs. So moderators of subs were enabled to ban users. That wasn't part of the original reddit concept and made reddit the next dig: a crappy bloated system with unbearable people in power.
Reddit calls one of the most devlish functions "shadow ban" and allows all mods to ban users from subs they moderate or even from entire reddit. There is even a sub about that:

But, you can guess, this was a stupid idea because it became a tool for many to silence users with opinions they just didn't like.
Tools to check on bans emerged: and there are hordes of internet bullies trolling the s*#t out of reddit.

New communities like 9Gag or SnapZu are comming up with more creativity and/or focus on certain aspects of digital life.