ABANDONED in 2014, Was a decent "word press uploader"


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      Last Update: 2014-02-27 It was decent....in another "blogger" era. Like it, but its been pushed aside by static site generators like Publii & PHP based CSM's like Wordpress. **You know Markdown and/or HTML, = USE these, they are offline uploaders!** - **Jekyll** - Hugo - Next.js - Gatsby - Verless If you feel ok with it, there are some "tricky" things like: ApostropheCMS for "live editing" that dont use php (java, asp .net, pure html) **Flat, NO PHP (_meaning no online CSM_)? =** Use, **Publii or OpenElement** on desktop, **Rocketcake** from USB **Flat, Yes PHP? Light =** Use Bludit, or Pico **Flat, yes PHP? Heavy =** Use Grav
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