QF-Test is The test automation software for Java (Swing, JavaFX and SWT), Web GUIs including AJAX and native Windows applications. QF-Tet can be tested for free with the trial license for 4 weeks.

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      qf-test is the tool of choice for me because it is stable, fast and has endless possibilities. in addition, the support is legendary.
      11 days ago
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      claudia1 edited QF-Test
      4 months ago
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      Guest reviewed QF-Test
      We are vendor of a product called Webswing which is a web server that allows to run any Java Swing application inside a web browser, using only pure HTML5. We've been contacted by QFS to see whether their UI test tool QF-Test may also work for this special Java / Web system. This cooperation worked out pretty well and QF-Test turned out to be a great tool even for such very special cases. In fact the guys found a really cool way to allow UI tests previously developed for the Java application to be executed on a Webswing server via the web browser nearly unchanged. Awesome! Be sure to check it out when you are looking for a UI testing tool.
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      5 months ago