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    System for managing social networks and messaging apps.

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      shriyapaudyal reviewed POSTOPLAN
      When it comes to effective and efficient management of several social media accounts as a whole for business and marketing purposes at one place, my choice would be POSTOPLAN. It has effortless and handy procedures with amazing features to escalate the product or brand’s value with more audience attention via this platform. I recognized and became pretty fascinated with POSTOPLAN’S two prime advantages: Management of multiple social media networks at one spot. Feature of scheduling posts to several social media pages as per our requirement and convenience with ease. It lets me prepare a photo to publish on social media platforms by applying filters, resizing, adding a logo, editing. Also, I can check individual posts’ statistics in various social media networks about how the post is performing throughout the time. This application can be accessed in nine multiple languages which makes it accessible globally. It has various subscription plans (let’s not forget they are decent) as per the client’s requirements. Plus, this platform has been recognized globally. In conclusion, I would say POSTOPLAN is best among the similar platforms for the overall management of several social media accounts at one spot through various cool features with ease. And I believe that in the current era of digital marketing it will act as a prime factor in adding value to the business as well as products.
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      7 days ago
    • gokulkny1996 reviewed POSTOPLAN
      The moment you open the website, you are greeted by a well-crafted UI that is really simple while covering everything that you need to know. It has got all the icons and colors placed properly on the white background. Apart from that, the following are the other features which I would like to mention: 1. The UI responsiveness is just really smooth and very user-friendly. 2. Then comes the amazing feature of Social Media Scheduling which lets you handle the tasks automatically where we can schedule when to upload the post and many more. 3. The range of social media platforms supported is quite good. 4. It provides services for Whatsapp, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, etc. 5. Also, it notifies you about the status of the posts too. How convenient is that? 6. Finally, coming on to the plans. The plans are really affordable that anyone can afford the service. 7. The FAQ section also covers almost all types of queries that could arise. All in all, I really like this website.
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      8 days ago
    • el
      elizabethrud edited POSTOPLAN
      12 days ago