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A hidden gem

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Postico is a bit of hidden gem here on the AlternativeTo listings, and well worth trying if you use a Mac.

I'm a full-time developer, specializing in database work with PostgreSQL. I've used may database management tools for both Mac and Windows, but by far Postico is my all-time favourite.

It doesn't try to do everything, but what it does do, it does very well. It's my daily development tool for PostgreSQL. I cringe when, on the odd occasion, I have to use some other management/config tool.

The product has been very stable, and the developer is responsive to questions and open to requests for enhancements.


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This is the fastest, most responsive, user friendly GUI for PostGreSQL I've ever used. If you've ever used Sequel Pro on MacOS, the Postico UI will be very familiar. It doesn't have the richest feature set but if your use case is mainly querying, this app is peerless. My favourite feature is being able to filter tables directly