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      However, it should be noted that some people claim the owner to be the creator of the ouo.io redirect malware. I'm not sure this is true, because it's very possible that a user (someone who gets paid through the affiliate links) could just as easily have created the malware so that they could get money for every single url you enter into your browser. In fact, I think this MUCH more likely to be the case. People are dicks, they do stuff like this. It would make much more sense for an individual who is a member of the service to be utilizing such malware. I do not know the specifics or the facts, I just wanted to share this information so you can decide on your own. I personally like ouo.io because it only makes you wait 3 seconds & doesn't require you to disable your adblock, as far as I know, which I approve of. If anyone else knows any information, please share it. _[Edited by SpaceOctopus, May 11]_
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