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    However, the Calendar is VERY hard to use, NOT easy to use. Trying to figure out options is near impossible. It also doesn't have a common option of setting reminders to AM/PM even though the entire rest of your system uses this instead of "metric" time (24 hour clock with no AM/PM.) This issue has not been fixed in at least 5 years. Oh, and don't use the reminders feature. You'll set it to remind you 5 minutes (no days) ahead of an event, and it will notify you EVERY day, for days before, and days after. No way to fix it. (I've noticed this with version 4.12.1) Reminders aren't all that handy anyway, you do have options to set them for "notification" or "orage window" and you can even (if you figure out how) have them come up at the bottom of the clock when you pull it up, but they're quite annoying rather than helpful. I've taken to writing all my appointments on sticky pads next to the monitor, instead. Also, "Orage Globaltime" bundled with this also has the problem of not being able to set regular time (vs. metric time aka 24 hour clock with no AM/PM) Maybe when we all learn the metric system and are able to tell what time 27:75 is instead of say 3:15 pm...
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