It's not finished yet, not secure, okay for LAN and probably will stay that way for a long time ;) Still somewhat playable and I do my best to not break master :D 100% pure JavaScript in its current incarnation, runs a NodeJS backend and targets Chrom(e|ium) as the frontend.

It's excellent open-source cousin naev currently lends NUU it's assets. It's a very nice singleplayer game packed with ages of fun and it is still being extended and improved. Like naev, NUU is heavily inspired by Ambrosia Software's Escape Velocity. Still worth it's money. And just so it happens - naev uses assets which in turn are partly attributable to the Vega Strike project. So everyone's related :> A strong pointer to Spacewar! should also be cast, explaining the continuous efforts to enable gravity in a playable way :) (at least we have funky orbits now :>)

A tip of the hat should also be extended to Endless Sky another excellent EV-esque open-source project.



Supported Platforms 2 notes on nuu's platform support

Mac Windows Linux Online Google Chrome Node.JS Chromium Firefox

Platform comments

  • Node.JS “Server; Currently only under Linux.”
  • Firefox “Support sometimes lags behind Chrome support.”

Links to official nuu sites

Official Website    GitHub


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I have been waiting for EMVP for 20 years... ended up writing it myself :)

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