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Once I have tried it I didn't have to look further

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Newsblur is a priceless alternative to Google Reader (R.I.P.) that has quite good iOs companion, but for me, it was the web that won my heart. With the number of subscribed feeds increasing, the training feature allows you to stay (optionally, of course) focused on just the articles that interest you the most - and you decide what are they. Base your choice not only on the RSS source (site) or author of the article, but also on automatically added tags or even words (better to say "strings") included in the title of the article. And if you have the time, you can of course view all the articles, not just the preferred ones.

Also, the author of NewsBlur is so much responsive to any ideas/bugs/whatever feedback, which is so rarely seen in today's world... You don't have to go premium as free version is just as good (with limitations, naturally), but the way I see it, the dog has to eat:-)


Allows you to rate posts

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This is something I've always wished Google Reader could do. You can "Like" posts but can't "Dislike" them. I'd like to have a way to filter out things that I like or dislike from feeds that have some of both.


Imported my 1000+ feeds from Google Reader to multiple alternative Reader. Compared a folder with one of my most important feeds.

Result: added/imported from this Google Reader folder
Feedly: all 21 feeds
Digg Reader: all 21 feeds
Newsblur: only 3 feeds :(

I don't know what is wrong with Newsblur. The Newsblur app is sadly also very basic. I recommend to use instead Feedly with the Newsify app (for iOS) or other Android apps that all also work with the Feedly Cloud. I'm not happy, I paid for the premium version of Newsblur and expected more. I hope they improve.

Best alternative to Google Reader

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It's not free, but it's still awesome.
Definitely worth a try.

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Doesn't run well

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My main problem my main problem with this app is that it just doesn't run well. I haven't had this issue with many of the alternatives that I've tried. Perhaps it's simply doing too much.