NetSupport School is a classroom management solution that helps teachers instruct, monitor and control students’ PCs – ensuring complete student focus is maintained.

NetSupport School supports lesson delivery with numerous features, including a dedicated assessment module and interactive elements (collaborative whiteboard, instant surveys and designated group leaders); as well as co-browsing and control features to ensure students remain on task.

Lessons can be made engaging with shared written and video/audio content - and interactive with features like a gamified Question and Answer module, surveys and messaging.

NetSupport School has been developed with best practice in mind – as well as eSafety considerations to keep students safe online. With keyword monitoring, teachers can see when students type inappropriate words/phrases, meaning they can act to halt bullying, for example. To ensure lesson-specific internet use, teachers can allow/block access to certain websites – plus, NetSupport School's SafeSearch search engine protection ensures that unsuitable results are not returned at other times. Schools can further reduce risk by applying “always on” security policies across the network.

Complimentary apps allow teachers and TAs to direct lessons from mobile devices. Students can also work this way; freed from their desks to encourage creativity.

A trusted solution used in schools world-wide, NetSupport School has achieved recognition with a number of industry awards, most recently being named as a finalist at the Bett Awards 2016.



Supported Platforms 1 note on NetSupport School's platform support

Mac Windows Linux Android Chrome OS iPad

Platform comments

  • Windows “Win 2000, 2003, 2008 , XP, Vista & Windows 7”

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