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    If you simply want to import a series of stills and export an AVI - this is the simplest way since classic Windows Moviemaker. I've tried all sorts of video editors that promise "easy stopmotion production" and they can't do it or you need to read a manual to get there. I tried everything to help my 8 year old daughter get her stopmotion produced and finally - a 6 year old, not updated and very small exe size called MonkeyJam did it. Photoshop CS5 and CS6 have their own unchangeable / unpredictable framerate; Premiere Pro, After Effects and Final Cut Pro are just expensive and complex mess-ups, Shotcut won't import more than 3-5 files (as of now in 2018), OpenShot refuses to recognise image files as valid even when you follow instructions and Dragon Frame is professional use and cost only. So, like above if you just want to import your stopmotion stills, try different frame rates easily / quickly and then export a movie as an AVI - look no further than MonkeyJam.
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