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      5 months ago
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      Definitely wouldn't recommend it. Of course, the owners of Miraheze are really not the ones to blame here, it's not their fault at all. It's how toxic and abusive the userbase is. Much of these people come from DeviantArt, Furaffinity, YouTube, and Tumblr. While that's not inherently a bad thing, all of the listed sites serve a home to many toxic users who will harass people in those communities as well. I have been targeted, harassed, had people insult my intelligence, or even threaten to kill me. Woe be unto you if you happen to be mentally disabled or part of an uncommon sexual minority. Apparently being yourself is wrong and will result in targeted harassment. I'd say for your own safety, stay away. Or at least report these people to a sysop. (The Miraheze sysop, not the wiki moderators.) _[Edit]_ On second thought, the owners of Miraheze don't care. They allow this kind of abusive behavior and are perfectly fine with people who make articles against specific individuals online, even if they've changed. It's just a network of Encyclopedia Dramaticas now.
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      5 months ago
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