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MediaCoder is MALWARE: needs a warning for the ignorant

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This developer has a long history abusing users and the GPL community.

five years later (now) and nothing has improved

This is still adware: ALL adware is malware by definition

This is not special software. It is a frontend for ffmpeg

[Edited by F--Kmalware, March 13]

[Edited by F--Kmalware, March 13]


Dishonest pricing model

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I don't mind paying for software. I do mind software that pretends to be free, then demands money when you try to use key features.
HEVC encode, un-lobotomized batch encoding, NVENC all require money.

I actually LOOKED for pricing and the possibility of paying for a license before downloading, but the author's site swore up and down it was free. Then the other shoe dropped - pay $190 to use the features listed.

Welp, I don't do business with liars...


developer has the malware mindset

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I cannot trust this software nor should you.



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This is the dopest converter out there (if you know some ropes), but looks like somewhere since the beginning of 2014 with just about every new version this program is more and more of a pain in the ass to use for free. Good thing I was wise enough to keep on my hard drive an old 2013 version... For newcomers on Windows - Xmedia Recode is the next great thing, where nobody's forcing you to go premium like mad, plus maybe even with some additional features.