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An interactive game, allows players of varying age & skill lvl to compete on an equal footing & improve their math skills. It also assists teachers & parents...

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What is MathMetrics?

SCUBE is curiosity to discovery, visual perception frontal lobe game. It will keep anyone between the ages 3 to 103 engaged.

SCUBE will test your planning and sequencing to problem solving while you enjoy a healthy mental work out if you are a preschooler or have a PhD.

Fun Learning: Plato said “A child can only be taught if learning contains a measure of entertainment.”

While playing SCUBE, it sneakily prepares kids for a whole slew of math skills and concepts.

Spatial intelligence: (Visualization; Recognition; Reasoning; Awareness) Spatial intelligence is the ability to mentally manipulate 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional figures. *Spatial intelligence is a crucial tool in many fields, yet it is relatively neglected at school. *Spatial thinking is what you do when you visualize shapes in your “mind’s eye.” *It is a proven fact that spatial intelligence can improve your test scores by a substantial margin.

Playing SCUBE can improve your spatial thinking skills!

Cognitive visual object recognition: Object recognition is the ability for you to perceive an object’s physical properties (such as shape, color and texture) and apply semantic attributes to the object, which includes the understanding of its use, previous experience with the object and how it relates to others.

Pattern recognition: Pattern recognition is a branch of machine learning that focuses on the recognition of patterns and regularities in data and forms a large part of mathematics. Pattern recognition has its origins in engineering, and the term is popular in the context.

Shape context: Shape context is a feature descriptor used in object recognition.

Motor skills: A motor skill is an intentional movement involving a motor or muscular component that must be learned and voluntarily produced to proficiently perform a goal-oriented task. Many factors contribute to the ability and the rate that you develop your motor skills.


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