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Alternatives to Math: Unknown for iPhone, Android, iPad, Android Tablet, Web and more. Filter by license to discover only free or Open Source alternatives. This list contains a total of 22 apps similar to Math: Unknown.

Math: Unknown is much more than a math game. It is a step-by-step math calculation game which will teach users "How" to calculate in the correct "Order" rather than just asking only the final calculated results. If you're looking for more info about Math: Unknown like screenshots, reviews and comments you should visit our info page about it. Below you find the best alternatives.

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Alternatives to Math: Unknown for all platforms with any license

  • Freaking Math

    Freaking Math can make you freaking mad! How to play: - You have only one second to choose correct answer - Reach high score!!! - Beat your friends!!!

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  • NumberDrop

    NumberDrop is a uniquely challenging math puzzle game that trains your arithmetic and logic. You have to use your math skills and drop the numbers in the right order to complete a puzzle! Features: • Add, subtract, multiply and divide your way through hundreds of captivating levels. • The levels steadily increase in difficulty to train your brain. • Fresh puzzles delivered to your phone every week! • Play our game anywhere, any time with offline play and no time limits.

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  • Math Master - Brain Quizzes

    Are you a student and wish to improve your mathematical skills to secure more marks in exam? Do you wish to have cool math quiz game for your kids? Or you’re a math expert and looking for brain exercise game to improve your math daily? You've come to the right place. Math Master is a free math quiz game designed for all ages! It offers a set of challenging quizzes for every mathematical and arithmetic operation. Select any book of your choice, start playing and level up your game profile.

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  • Mathematics+

    Mathematics+ is your source for daily math workouts. The app is simple and clean. You choose your level of difficulty and what operations you would like to practice and press Start!

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    Free K-12 math worksheets to assist students, teachers, parents & tutors to practice, teach or prepare grade school assignments, classwork or homework questions & answers is available online in printable & downloadable format.

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  • Sum Fun

    A fun number puzzle to train your brain! How to play: - Take a number and add it to the board - If it matches the last digit of the sum of its neighbours, they get blasted away! - Repeat until the board is empty - Compete against your friends to see who can win in the lowest moves!! Different shaped boards are included, requiring different strategies to win, such as square, robot, football and flappy. A perfect pick-it-up-and-play game!

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  • Zero – The zoom and zen number game

    How quickly can you tell if the sum of 3 numbers are a multiple of ten? 4 numbers? 5 or 6? It sounds easy, but hurry... time is running out! Fun for all ages, choose your favourite mode: - Zoom & Zen, for a fast or easy-paced challenge - Relax, for stress-free fun - Two-player, the unique way to beat your friends in head-to-head action!

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  • Arithmatastic

    Arithmatastic - Maths the fun way! Arithmatastic is a simple number game that's easy to play, but hard to put down. Arithmatastic challenges your mental maths abilities by generating random questions that are either addition, subtraction, division or multiplication which you need to answer before time runs out! However, just in case it becomes too easy...

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  • Sum - Simple Maths Puzzle

    Addition is one of the simplest and earliest mathematical tricks taught. Everyone ends up adding two numbers every day for some reason or the other. There couldn't possibly be anything more basic than this. If you've got so much experience, let's see how good you are at it. Can you add? The game is straightforward and simple - The game consists of a 3x3 grid. 5 numbers are generated at random, in random places of the grid.

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  • 2x2 - Train your brain

    An easy logic game to master your math skills and prove that you didn't skip school for nothing after all! The awesome perks: - An easy gameplay. Download and play right away. - An offline access. No matter if you are up in the air or underground, you can do your math anytime you wish. - Unstoppable self-development. Cooler than boosting your character. - Numbers. Everyone loves freaking numbers! Especially the big ones. Especially right in your pocket.

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  • Math Quiz: Your Math Quotient

    App mesures your mathematical quotient on 8 different aspects and provides a statistical information about each aspect. Problems are simple enough to be solved by a 6th standard kid and efficient enough to measure mathematical quotient of even 60 year old. This Application is free for all , but supported by Ads .

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  • Math Panic

    Math Panic is a playful app that enables children and adults to review their mental arithmetic while having fun. With family and friends, try to make the highest score with all the different modes the game offers. Everyone’s preferences: An Arcade mode. Trained enough? Now play on. Race against the clock, try to find the missing number for each calculation. Its position is random so be careful as it could cost you a lot. A Reverse mode.

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  • MAppTH - Educational Math Game

    Learn mathematical operations in a fun and educational game of maths. Using different exercises and challenges to learn how to add, subtract and multiply progressively. Games available include Quiz, Sound Quiz where you can listen to the question in 32 different languages and Writing Quiz where you answer to the question by writing the numbers yourself.

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  • Five Fives: Math Challenge

    Five Fives is a simple math game about number five for increase your logical thinking throught puzzles. Great for playing with a family and ideal for educational environments to stimulate interest in math while learning by playing. In the best math puzzle style, Five Fives is addictive and great for exercising logical reasoning and expanding your math skills.

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  • Tchisla

    Tchisla is an absorbing game of numbers from the creators of Euclidea . Explore the magic world of numbers and train your mental arithmetic skills. All you need is to represent numbers as arithmetical expressions using only one of the digits from 1 to 9. This can be done in various ways. You gain more points if your solution uses fewer digits and sometimes your way to the optimal solution looks like an exciting quest.

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  • Maths IQ

    Maths IQ is a Application designed for checking multiple skills an individual should posses to have good mathamatics IQ. This app checks around 1000 Maths skill and accordingly give your ranking based on your performance. Ranking is also based on time taken to complete the IQ test. The application is designed in such a way that it is useful for every age group above 8. User can change the time of the test from the menu according to the age/difficulty as required.

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  • KBruch

    KBruch is a small program to practice calculating with fractions and percentages. Different exercises are provided for this purpose and you can use the learning mode to practice with fractions. The program checks the user's input and gives feedback. KBruch offers 5 different exercise types: • Arithmetic - in this exercise you have to solve a given fraction task. You have to enter numerator and denominator. This is the main exercise.

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  • Arithmetic practice and tests

    Practice all the basic arithmetic operations: Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Have the tests at your own pace. You can configure the: - size of each test (how many questions per test). You can select from 5, 10, 15, 20, 50 and 100 question tests.

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  • Math: Mental Math Games

    Do you want to know math tricks and forget about calculator in your daily live? This math trainer app will help you to get math skills and learn mental math. Learn and train math in cool math games! The app has collected the most effective mental calculation math tricks. It’s designed as an interactive tutorial with math games for your brain, where you get acquainted with each method, and then practice it having different types of brain workouts.

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