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    Guide Barry through a tournament of mage combat in this epic, text adventure.

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      Normally, I don't really take the time to write reviews, but this game, damn, it deserves it! I'm a friend of good told stories and I always loved things like the TellTale-Games, for those that know what I'm talking about. If there is one thing, that Magium is good at (Ignoring the fact, that, to me, Magium is almost perfect!), it is telling stories in an interesting and captivating way. While reading the first chapter I was still skeptical, but that changed, as soon as the 'Stat-booster' was introduced. I've never heard such a clever explanaition for the function and use of such an device. In this point, even games like Skyrim and other "usual" RPG's need to raise they're hat to Magium. I admit, sometimes the wording of the author seems a little repettive, that doesn't harm the immersion in any way. You can totally relate to the decisions of your own character. (Since you're choosing them yourself. Makes sense in a weird way, I guess.) But to me, the absolute most important thing of all, I care so, SO much about the members of my group. But, that is also wher Im coming to the only weakness of the whole game. I. Need. More Save-slots. For real, like 5 out of the ten available ones are already filled with Kate romances. Please, create more Save-slots oh you great creator of this masterpiece! Ok, so, to get this whole thing to an end, I'm just going to revision my review for short. This game is freaking awesome, download it, NOW! Have fun while playing fellow Lessathi!
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