Lunar Client

    An all in one Client side anti cheat built by the same people who made CheatBreaker. This Client features a bunch of mods and fps boosts for Minecraft version 1.7.10

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      Guest reviewed Lunar Client
      Hello! Lunar Client is a really good client, apart from the mods on discord. I wanted to ask them for help and they took 2 HOURS to help me with my problem! And when they did, they kept responding 15-30 minutes late. My client wouldn't launch minecraft so I asked for help. After asking for help 12 times (cause they didn't help me), they just banned me from their discord instead of trying to figure out what the problem is! Useless staff. but overall a pretty good client.
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      12 days ago
    • Gu
      Guest thinks this post on Lunar Client is helpful
      Hello internet I have used lunar client for about 5 months now. I think lunar is okay-ish, with some controversial mods. I mainly use it for hypixel and sometimes. Please give this a try, since it is alot better for old machines like mine, if you do not have a fan on your graphics card. The person that wrote before me was wrong, and really, did not use it after 1.8 came out for lunar. There is 1.12, however, but at the time of writing, it is currently in Public Beta. Thanks for reading! Thanks, Xx_NerdyBako_xX!
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      4 months ago
    • go
      googlygoodgaming thinks this post on Lunar Client is helpful
      Do Not use this it does not work the staff is not helpful they will kick and ban you for asking for help i would know **DO NOT USE THIS EVER** use something else its broken and the staff is horrible.
      4 months ago