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    P2P Monero trading platform, the easiest and quickest way to buy Monero, especially for those without access to traditional banking.

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      13 days ago
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      Agoradesk/LocalMonero is Scam!!! The Admin of Localmonero aka agoradesk runs a telegram group @LocalMonero. His telegram id is @Alex_LocalMonero_AgoraDesk I've known about LocalMonero for about a year but didn't really trusted them because it is centralised platform and outdated website looks really bad, it doesn't build trust at all. And now, after loosing my money I know I should avoid even registering with them. Agoradesk/LocalMonero scammed me for 9500 usd by blocking my account, right after I deposited another 10 xmr This is my account username audy with localmonero You can see they add a message or as they say 'reason's, inventing an excuse to steal my money, linking me to other profile who, I found out later, Alex admin of Localmonero had an argument with. As I see now LocalMonero admin decided to cover his lose on my account. If they do it over 9500 usd than this means they have no trading volume and profit and ready to steal your money just like that. They will make it look like it is your fault or whatever. Check this telegram @MoneroUK/12051 I contacted this guy and asked him what happened between him and Localmonero(scammers) and it looks like I am not the first one who was scammed by localmonero aka agoradesk Avoid this scammers and your money will be safe. That was my last time I ever user centralised exchanger. It is 3rd time I got burned. LocalMonero aka AgoraDesk is scam!!!! Stay away from it!!!!
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      2 months ago
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