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    • Spout commented on LightZone
      Mac OS: Like a lot of linux applications that have been ported to Mac it unfortunately does not work. On start up it opens several copies of the same window, which there should obviously only be one of. Then crashes when trying to go into the filesystem to open files. Gave it 2 attempts: crashed both times. My guess is it's probably Apple's fault for doing something weird, but I could be wrong. Also on their website instead of having an obvious link where to download is, there is a paragraph long explanation about how they used to be hosted somewhere but now they aren't so click a link for something else and navigate to the place where the downloads are. The story indicates it has been like that for 9 months. Why not adhere to convention and create a link called "download"? Or link to the download in the story about prior hosting arrangements? Describing how to find a link is very weird.
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      11 months ago