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    • mcgiwer doesn't think itom is an alternative to LabVIEW
      Not similiar enough - iom provides script pased designing, while LabView uses a GUI based (drag & drop)
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      We had need for system of hardware and software for several different measurement devices we use. The cost of the software packages for our HPLC, GC, Mechanical testers, Flow injection analyzers and custom units was too large to consider reasonable. We therefore developed a complete system which would work with all of these. It is easy to use, inexpensive, **fully programmable using Excel(R)**, and It beats anything we have looked at. I'm giving a paper on it at the May 2016 ISA meeting in Dayton. A copy of the slides for the paper is at my linkedin profile (Scot Abbott) and Researchgate profile for publications. The system has high resolution i/o of many forms (analog, digital, current loop, frequency, RS485) which provides the connections to take data, control devices and communicate with the 'net. It comes with** ready to run **user input interface, data acquisition and control, real time stripcharting, storage and post processing of data. We used the macro/worksheet/workbook architecture so it is easy to make and modify instrument functions and personalities. We have made worksheets for user control of experiment (including sample queues and autosampler control), i/o control of devices, appearance of the strip charts, etc. using all the power of the graphics and math in Excel. Because it is in VBA language of Excel(R), it is easy to modify, customize, or use in a completely new context.
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