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    Study the Bible in English, Koine Greek, and over a hundred other languages. Includes a Bible encyclopedia and many Scriptural books and videos.

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      While I use Accordance, Logos and Bible Works, I find myself using the JW platform more often than the commercial ones. One of the biggest advantages is that the JW library is free. The highlighting feature is superior to most products if not all. A synchronizing of devices would be nice but would require much server space and is usually only in commercial products. (Unless like Accordance it will in the future pair with Drop Box or like) That it has audio and video publications is another great bonus for a free product. It is also appreciated that the developers are continuously working on improving it and thus it is not something frozen in time. As of right now, the JWL lacks notes which will be an awesome feature in a future update. Also it is amazing to see so many languages in a free application. In addition, the only commercial software that I am aware of that can use the NWT(13 or 84) is Accordance with a module. However, Bible Works does allow you to import Epub's. So while I use a variety of software/apps, If I want to get to a Bible translation quickly, first I use the JW library. Accordance is also very quick but come with an expensive price though not as much as Logos and Accordance is faster than Logos too. I think if I had to do it over I would just go with BW and JW library supplemented with other free ones such as e-sword. However you do it, I would recommend using JWL especially for those who are Jehovah's Witnesses or interested in this denomination.
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      11 months ago
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