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Ideone is a... pastebin. But a pastebin like no other on the Internet. More accurate expression would be

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  1.  Syntax HighlightingIdeone supports syntax highlighting for various programming and markup languages.

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  • Developed by Sphere Research
  • LicensingProprietary and Free product.
  • Alternatives78 alternatives listed

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  • English

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Excellent to try small bits of java, .net, pascal, tcl etc., without need to install a complete environment

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It's simple, straight and clearly structured which is exactly what I need on occasions, while it might not look as good as also I don't have to sign in as opposed to, it is once click away online coding environment.

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This is most similar to TIO because of the fact that it supports many different languages. Not nearly as many as TIO, but it has most of the major ones. A big (and very welcome) difference is that it also has syntax highlights

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