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    HyperResearch is a qualitative data analysis tool that helps users code and analyse diverse media sources including audio, video, images and text. It can generate reports, sort data, and build theory. For both Mac, Windows, and Linux in WINE.

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      3 months ago
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      HyperResearch is one of the easiest QDA applications to learn. Its excellent GUI layout allows users to split the project over two monitors- the coding and other windows can be on one monitor, with the document reader on another. HyperResearch's licensing agreement is also outstanding. HyperResearch is the only major QDA that does not restrict installation to only one or two computers. The license agreement stipulates that users can install on more than one computer as long as the software is being used by one user. HyperResearch licenses are not time limited and do not expire. This fact alone should be a key consideration for any graduate student or researcher who is considering using QDA software for a long term project. It is now also the only major QDA that can install HyperResearch onto a USB removable drive and run it anywhere as a "portable app". This is extremely convenient for users who work on research projects at work, at home, or on a Windows tablet computer. The company still trusts its customers and will not revoke or cancel a customer's license if they suspect the software has been installed on more than one computer. HyperResearch can be used in Linux using WINE or Crossover. Overall, it represents excellent value and is powerful enough for most projects.
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      4 months ago
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