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hotspot shield is MALWARE

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While VPN can protect your privacy ADWARE violates your privacy: it sells your privacy for profit. There is no free service to be had. The cost is far too high.


Elite Version: Crap

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I own the elite version, got it free for a year. Every single bit is scanned through their servers it says in the member area. (they call it protection).

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because open all programs closed

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About me: I'm an ethical hacker and cybersecurity expert. Do NOT use this VPN.

Yes, it may be "free", but do you know how a VPN works? Think of this VPN like a free man-in-the-middle attack inflicted on yourself, with the added benefit of slower internet speeds.

Does this protect you at all? Answer: No, none what-so-ever.

Pros: it's FREE!

Cons: it sniffs, records and logs all of your internet browsing (and net activity central to the kernel that you don't even understand how sensitive it is.) It adds in ADs and trackers, many of witch attempt exploitation vectors to infect your device. It slows down your internet, it has control over parts of the Android (and iOS) operating system that it shouldn't, it sells all of your personal info along with your device's CPU power and bandwidth... there may be a few others here as well. But hey, it's FREE!!!

If you want a REAL VPN with actual encryption, anonomity protection, elmination of ADs and trackers via DNS and a zero logging policy (as proven by court documents) just pay up the $40/year and get PIA (Small Private Internet Access iconPrivate Internet Access). They are an excellent company with a great product at a fair price.

Note: I am NOT in any way affliated with PIA or any company for that matter.

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Best free vpn ever!
it's support any platform and you can just use it without any payment with good speed and no limited bandwidths.
good design, very simple and stable connection. it has everything you need even in free version!


I love it!

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i love hotspot shield it works for skype and everything else and and when ever i have problems with hotspot shield i contact coustomer support and then help me through my problem and give me free days for my inconvinience but i is rare that it doesnt work i recomend this service to everybody way better than anything else i have used

I apologize for inconvenience caused by displaying 'Invite Friends' Wall. I have added 7 free days to your Elite membership to compensate this inconvenience.

Please sign out of your Elite account and sign back in.>


Good for mobile devices

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For my desktop I found it slow and problematic as on-line games would lag and some pages would take a while to load. However for mobile devices it's pretty good as it can get around filtering on work or public wireless.

Please note that if you do use this at work and get caught you might find your self in a disciplinary, as you should have signed or accepted a terms of service stating circumventing filters is not allowed.

Hope this helps people.



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This is a good program. I haven't had much trouble with it. My only problem is that they need to update it more. I am at a boarding school and until just a few days ago it worked AMAZINGLY. Unfortunately my school upgraded their censorship A LOT and now it is blocked completely. I'm going to try and download it again and see if that works.


Entirely useless in my location!

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Can't bypass filters, as slow as dialup speed, resource hug. this is a junk you want to avoid.


Gets the job done, but obnoxious

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The good:

  • Easy-to-use proxy, just works, even with programs besides browsers. Far easier to setup than Tor.
  • Quite fast, especially compared to Tor.
  • No apparent bandwidth quota or limit. Allows you to download at least a few GBs.

The bad:

  • Embeds annoying video ads with sounds on pages. (get an adblocker)
  • Occasionally redirects you to its own page stuffed with ads. You lose the link you originally wanted to go to.
  • Tries to install browser toolbar adware. (can be disabled)
  • Has a tray icon with connect/disconnect options, but using them throws up a new browser window. Annoying and unnecessary.
  • No SSL/HTTPS support.
  • Annoying bubble popups from tray if you keep it disabled.

Useful when you need to get around censorship. Obviously will not give you any privacy, in fact from a privacy standpoint you are probably better off not using a proxy at all. Anyhow, if you are concerned about that, just use Tor.

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Connect automatically to best location with detailed statistic such as speed, bandwidth, number of sites unblocked