Help & Manual from EC Software is the favorite authoring tool for writing online help and technical documentation. Thousands of software developers and technical writers enjoy working with the most powerful single-source publishing tool on the market.

Help & Manual is more than a software, it's cult. It's "like a breath of fresh air after working with other so-called expert tools" (user quote).

The software UI is completely user-centric and straightforward. With Help & Manual, YOU are in charge and have everything you need for writing expert documentation at your fingertips.

You write once and publish with a single mouse-click to many formats including Webhelp, HTML Help, PDF user manuals, e-books, you name it. It's that easy. Focus on what you do best: writing the content!

About us...

EC Software GmbH is an innovative small software house based in Salzburg, Austria. We have been producing and selling documentation tools for over a decade and Help & Manual is one of the best selling and most popular documentation tools world-wide.

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Absolutely ridiculous price. Download libreoffice, which is FREE, and you'll be able to do just about everything you'll need, and you can export to many formats. And if there's a format you can't...

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