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  • rsbrux reviewed HarddiskOgg
    I haven't tried it because it won't do what I want (record streams from sound card out put instead of input). However, the documentation is rudimentary and out of date: 1. The link to download the LAME DLL procided on the HarddiskOgg website and in the manual is broken. LAME has moved to SourceForge ( 2. If lame_enc.dll is copied into HardiskOgg's directory as stipulated in the manual, HardiskOgg complains that it can't find it. Copying lame_enc.dll to the Windows directory instead appears to work.
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    8 months ago
  • Microncode added HarddiskOgg as alternative(s) to Microncode Audio Recorder
    about 3 years ago
  • Tim_B added Streaming Audio Recorder as an alternative to HarddiskOgg
    over 5 years ago