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    Horrible service. Will block ads with generic explanations that make no sense. They blocked my ad for my website which is a 9KB HTML+Javascript site, handwritten, for "Malware" and "Circumventing systems". My site is literally a static webpage that applies a color-blindness filter on images. I must be a very talented programmer if I managed to hide malware in that. I appealed, waited days, got rejected again, no extra explanation, the same useless generic descriptions that are complete lies. The best part of their service is that you get back your remaining credit if you close your account, which I just did. This is not the first time that Google accuses me of something that makes zero sense and which is a complete lie. In the past I had money taken away by their Adsense product for allegedly "fake" clicks. I took great care not to ever click on the ads, and all the traffic to my site back then was organic. So once more I was left to argue against a wall that spouts nonsense. And telling my story to friends I heard that they have had similar issues in the past in their companies. So it's not just a problem for small fries like me, it's a problem for professionals as well. I don't think you can make a worse advertisement service. The only reason they are surviving is that they have the most popular search engine in the world.
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