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      over 2 years ago
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      This site purports to upload a file to multiple hosts, but when you go to try and download the files, it tries to send you malware. One link in particular I clicked on locked me in the browser window where I couldn't escape without hitting CRTL+ALT+DEL to open task manager and manually close it. A voice kept repeating "Click add button to install extension" and my Malwarebytes and Webroot Anti-virus was going crazy trying to stop the connection and block forced downloads I didn't click to download. This site is definitely malicious and does not work as advertised. It simply claims to upload a file to multiple sites, but when you try and download any of them, it will just attempt to install a virus/adware/malware on your system. **AVOID THIS SITE AT ALL COSTS**.
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      over 2 years ago
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      Guest added Remote URL upload as a feature to GO4UP
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