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    WordPress's most reliable, easy to use and feature-rich video player. Features responsive design, playlists, ads, stats, Vimeo, YouTube, S3, Cloudfront and CDN support. AB loop, speed controls.

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    • Gu
      Guest reviewed FV Player
      I like FVplayer very much. Especially the support team is very good. Their response is quick. If something goes wrong with it, they will fix it immediately. Their response is professional and beautiful. I want many people to use this FVPlayer made by the reliable team.
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      12 days ago
    • Gu
      Guest reviewed FV Player
      We find FV Player, pro, PPV for Woocommerce, and FV player Coconut a great combination that works for our Video Production company. Support has been excellent.
      2 months ago
    • ra
      radazamarito thinks this post on FV Player is helpful
      I have been using FV Player for over a year now. It's a god send during the Covid-19 lockdown. All my classes are talk on line and the ability to provide recorded classes is extremely important. FV Player is easy to set up and use. The rich features enable me to create professional looking playlist. On top of the reliable and feature rich system, their technical support is the best! I got prompt response and they won't let it go until they solve it - even though they are not really an issue with their own software. They even modified their software to support my unique needs. I highly recommend to give FV Player a try if you are looking for a professional grade software. If you are not a techy, this is your solutions!
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      3 months ago